Welcome! You hold in your hands the premier issue of Michiana Life magazine. We hope you are as excited to get to know us as we are to showcase you and your neighbors.

What is this all about, you may ask. In essence, Michiana Life is a high-end lifestyle magazine designed to celebrate the amazing people and communities of Southwest Michigan and Northern Indiana.

In many ways, this region is the best-kept secret of the Midwest.

Well, it’s time to pull back the curtain a bit and let everyone know how special this area is.

Whether you have lived here your entire life, just moved in or are simply passing through,  our magazine will showcase a unique region that is second to none … and I can say that with complete objectivity because I am a relative newcomer.

A little bit about myself: I have been in the publishing business for more than 15 years and have helped launch several magazine-style publications and newspapers. This career path led me to look at an opportunity here in Michiana.

My family and I simply fell in love with the area. That was about a year ago and we have never looked back.

We were immediately enamored with the diverse culture, wide range of culinary experiences, amazing businesses and wonderful people who truly embraced us. One thing we noticed it was missing was a strong community  magazine to help elevate the region. So I drew from my past experience and worked to change that.

And here we are.

Michiana Life will publish more than 8,000 copies quarterly, essentially coinciding with the seasons. The magazine will have universal appeal but will primarily be focused on women, 35 and older.

Our readers are intelligent, upwardly mobile, and realize the potential for business and cultural opportunities springing up around the region. They hold jobs in a variety of industries and are involved in their community.

This region holds an appeal to those who have lived here and continues to draw others to move here because of its extraordinary legacy, rewarding quality of life and engaging community.  We want Michiana Life magazine to reflect this and replicate the true spirit of the region and those who call it home, presenting it in beautiful photography, in-depth and thoughtful articles on a range of topics, and showcasing the charm of this special place in an intelligent manner.

The region stands out because its preservation of small-town values and the Midwest way of life, perfectly blended with a metropolitan feel. Michiana Life magazine holds true to and celebrates these grand traditions while showcasing our vibrant present and exciting future.

We hope you will join us on this journey and start sharing the secret. v