Today’s tech-heavy, non-stop society barely has time to breathe, let alone meditate.
Parents, in particular, are perpetually on the go. Chauffeuring children, battling work deadlines, preparing meals, sifting through a barrage of emails and hashtagging the next all-engrossing tweet are some of the things that absorb their days.
Everyone is busy, and that is precisely why people need to make time to meditate.

The major benefit of meditation: Compassion
Proponents say the benefits of meditation are boundless and can be obtained by anyone willing to give it an honest shot. Meditation can be used to stonewall stress and anxiety, to negate feelings of worry and to stop oneself from feeling overwhelmed.
The act of meditating and practicing mindfulness also enhances a major virtue that may prove to be valuable for overloaded parents: compassion.
Latasha Flint E-RYT, South Bend yoga and meditation teacher, is the single mother of an 8-year-old son. She discussed the importance of compassion and how meditation can help to improve life for active parents, or anyone needing to find balance.

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