I do not own a Kindle or any other type of e-reader. (In full disclosure, my kids do but I never use the devices).
I do own a book case. Actually, I own about a dozen of them.
Each is filled with a wide breadth of genres and formats, ranging from the literary classics to children’s staples like the Hardy Boys to what I call airport thrillers to illustrated graphic novels. And everything in between.
You will also find stacks of magazines, either having recently been read or saved for posterity.
The collection is constantly growing, with very few things more exciting to me than a book sale or a new magazine find.
And I do not think I am alone in this fascination with the printed page.
There is certainly something to be said about holding a publication in your hands. It is with that love that we make decisions about  Michiana Life.
Everything is calculated. From the matte finish on the cover to the glossy sheen of the interior pages to the typography and right down to the type of advertising.
We want reading our magazine to be a warm, enjoyable experience. We hope it brings back old memories, sparks the desire to create new ones or reminds someone how special our region truly is.
Years ago my colleagues and I sought advice from University of Mississippi professor Dr. Samir Husni, the self-proclaimed Mr. Magazine and world renowned expert on the subject.
Although the fictional Forrest Gump may have said “life is like a box of chocolates,” Mr. Magazine proudly says a community lifestyle magazine is like chocolate itself, in that you fondly remember the experience and look forward to it again.
So if you are returning to enjoy Michiana Life again, that is wonderful. If this is your first time visiting the region through our pages, welcome aboard.
Go ahead. Grab a blanket and your favorite hot drink. Curl up by a fire and warm up with our winter issue.
Hopefully you will enjoy the taste — and the experience — and we will see you in spring. v