SOUTH BEND, Ind. — Anchored about halfway between Memorial Hospital and the heart of downtown South Bend is a large, historic building. At night, lights between six large columns illuminate the front entrance and balcony, creating an image that screams importance and invites curiosity.
On a Monday night in late autumn, deep in the basement of the building, six professionals sit in a circle discussing an issue, much like the freemasons who previously inhabited the building would have conferred about a political dilemma or the solution to a city problem.
While the professionals today aren’t discussing politics or solutions, their contribution to the community is arguably just as important.
Participating in the conversation are a clerk, a technician, an executive pastor, a television editor, a service specialist and a marketing director.
Those are their titles, their day jobs.
But here, they can be anybody.
As one of the participants puts it, his title is nothing more than a method of paying for his passion, and part of that passion comes to life when the clerk from Constantine opens his script.

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