Homes are synonymous with the idea of a sanctuary.
An implicit belief buried in this notion is that a home has a singular family, but this is not the case for Ted and Brenda Gogol’s Knotty Pine Lodge.
The sprawling 3,770-square-foot structure has a wide open-concept space and is situated on picturesque Stone Lake in Cassopolis, Michigan.
Popular in the summertime, the lake serves as a getaway for folks who share its charms, surprises and comfort for everything from workshops and conferences to reunions and nuptials.
The rental home provides a perfect place to enjoy all of those charms.
Inside the structure, memories are the invisible fabric that line this home.
To be sure, there is décor here, but it is a sort of sparse benign style that speaks to universal truths: think “Live, Love and Laugh” rather than personal items that often clutter homes.
Instead of an elaborately decorated space, guests have an efficient and accessible lodge packed with amenities to make their own.

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