A kaleidoscope of glass, metal and leather, the latest addition to one of Michiana’s most popular pizza destinations more closely resembles a modern microbrewery than the classic atmosphere of the former train depot down below.
A closer look at the schooner-shaped insignias carved out of the back of the chairs surrounding the bar and the unique light fixtures — also shaped like the trademark beer glass — surrounding the upper balcony dining room reveals that, despite the updated looks, the addition is still very much a part of Silver Beach Pizza.

Designed mainly to give local and regular customers a space away from the often packed dining room downstairs, the balcony contains its own bar as well as dining tables, booths and even a couple of chairs and coffee tables surrounding a fireplace, giving the special dining room a more casual vibe. In spite of being available exclusively through reservations, the area is consistently packed, often booked up for two or more weeks in advance, says owner Jay Costas.
“It’s become a really comfortable spot for customers,” Jay says. “We keep seeing them come back.”

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