Nestling into one of two oversized chairs in front of Anna Murphy’s desk, it is easy to feel welcome and at ease with the person sitting in front of you. Surrounded by piles of paperwork and inspirational decor, Anna’s smile welcomes you like a good book or cup of coffee, her laughter brings you to a place where you feel at home.
The self-described attention lover insists she doesn’t seek out the spotlight, but when it falls upon her, she doesn’t miss the opportunity to tell anyone who will listen about her love and passion for the United Way of Southwest Michigan. Anna is more than the president of the organization. She is the voice behind the people who work for the non-profit agency, and her passion for the people they serve is tangible.
Sitting down with Anna to find out what makes this Difference Maker tick, it is plain to see why she is so good at what she does, and how she makes an impact on the people of our community. Anna’s trademark giggle resonates through the room as she tells the story of her life, and what the community means to her.

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