Believe it or not, the holidays are quickly approaching. It’s time to get into party mode, and setting the stage for a great party doesn’t have to be complicated.

This year when spending the holidays with friends, why not have a bottle share party? The rules are simple: Have everyone bring a few bottles of their favorite beer to share. This gives everyone a great opportunity to experience a beer they love and in return try some new ones they may not have tried before.

Speaking of friends, have you ever heard of “the moist maker” sandwich from Friends? Well, this is my version only in slider size which makes them the perfect dish for sharing with your friends this holiday season.

It’s a buttery brioche bun, a thick smear of cream cheese, herbed stuffing, chicken or turkey then sweet and tangy cranberry sauce on top of it all. Right in the middle, add ‘the moist maker’ a piece of white bread that has been dipped in gravy. While this sounds a little on the crazy side it tastes as delicious as a full Thanksgiving meal, all in one bite.

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Holiday Sliders

Makes 12 slider sandwiches


12 brioche slider buns

12 slices white bread, cut into circles

8 ounces cream cheese, softened

2 cups stuffing (either home cooked or boxed prepared to package directions)

2 cups cooked turkey or chicken, warmed

8 ounces cream cheese

1 cup turkey or chicken gravy, warmed

14 ounces whole cranberry sauce, warmed


Cut the slider buns in half and into 12 individual sliders if they do not come pre-sliced.

Using a drinking glass or biscuit butter cut out 12 pieces of white bread. (Save the remaining crust and bread for stuffing or croutons)

Spread the cream cheese on the bottom of each of the 12 buns.

Divide the stuffing over the buns on top of cream cheese. Pat down the stuffing as needed to make a thinner layer instead of a pile so the sandwich doesn’t topple over.

Next, take the circle piece of bread and dip both sides into the gravy. Lay the bread on top of the stuffing.

Layer the sliced chicken or turkey on top of the bread.

Finally add the whole cranberry sauce and then top with the bun.

Serve immediately or make these sliders using holiday leftovers.  


Erin Amundsen is a wife, mom, and blogger from the bottom left of Pure Michigan. Her blog, Bottom Left of the Mitten, features other food and drink pairings using locally sourced ingredients, and can be found at