Coffee houses have been around since the days of the Ottoman Empire, acting as social settings and filling patrons with caffeine instead of alcohol.
These hot spots have been places for catching up on work, discussing politics in hushed tones, gossiping about neighbors and their scandalous behavior or just enjoying a hot cup of coffee while reading a book. Ultimately, java shops have always been a place to get away from home and feel comfortable.
One does not need to frequent chains like Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts anymore when there are so many local places that make sitting for hours or just stopping to exist an acceptable pastime.
Local businesses help keep towns alive and coffee houses keep people caffeinated. No matter what type of atmosphere patrons are looking for, it can be found on the streets of Michiana. Whether people are looking for a place to enjoy their coffee in a business setting with Wi-Fi and leather couches, an artsy venue with local goods or a view of Lake Michigan with exquisite food, chances are it can be found just around the corner.


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