Who hasn’t heard the saying, “Drink your greens, purples and reds?”
They are creamy, cold, sweet, healthy and delicious — all fitting in the palm of your hand. It’s a whole meal and a grab-to-go snack. You’ll see them at the office, the health club, food markets and even children’s lunch boxes. There’s no end to the blending for wellness, fitness and energy; all including a prescription for better health.
They are listed at the fast food drive-thru, on the menu at your local diner and most likely at the coffee shop right around the corner. There are even franchises devoted to hundreds of combinations and varieties of smoothies, from chocolate to kale and everything in between.
There’s no doubt smoothies have taken this country by storm. All this smoothie talk makes you wonder what all the fascination is about. Are they really the perfect food or just some new craze that’s, well, just crazy?
The concept of mixing fruits and vegetables in the form of a drink is nothing new. These thick and creamy beverages that include fruits and vegetables served up with milk, nuts, seeds, tea and even herbal and vitamin supplements have been around since the 1930s.
This new interest in smoothies is fueled by a wakeup call many of us are experiencing towards our health. Everybody knows we need to do something about our unhealthy food choices and many of us are looking for a quick fix.

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