A marriage is a partnership.
In any partnership, the parties involved are responsible for supporting and pushing one another, feeding off each other, offering unique insights and collaborating for a common cause.
Similarly, married couples work in tandem to make a life together — to make sure ends meet financially and emotionally — and to make sure each other’s needs are met.
In some special instances, couples are so committed to one another and so in sync with each other that they use their union to work together toward a common goal from beyond the confines of their own homes.
That is the case with Larry and Sandy Feldman, Martha Cares and Fritz Olsen, and Lucas and Krissy Miles.
The interests of these couples address issues across the board. One couple works to bridge racial divides by creating diverse learning experiences. Another combines their passions for art and animals to benefit the causes dear to their hearts. And the third uses their faith to bring people together under a house of worship.
However cliché it may sound on its surface, the joy, warmth and passion that radiates from these couples testifies to the impact the human spirit can have on manufacturing positive change.
It also cements the fact that having a partner and ally who believes and encourages your efforts — the early mornings, late nights, frenetic travel schedules — acts as a constant motivator for the purpose and realization for goals that bolster the world around them.
The love that bonds these couples is truly inspiring, and their stories are equally powerful.

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