It quickly becomes obvious that stained glass artist Marty McKiernan is more maker than consumer.
While working for California biopharmaceutical business AMGen, he held numerous and varied roles throughout the company, but never found the creative outlet he needed. So that became his passion during his spare time.
While stained glass is his main focus, Marty also shares his artistic pursuits in acrylic painting. His 14 years in glasswork has led him beyond the art, playing an active role in St. Joseph’s Chartreuse Co-op Art Gallery, where he sells his pieces and helps with the operations of the store.
His entry into the world of stained glass started first with his appreciation for the art itself and a desire to use it in the design of his home when moving back from California.
“Stained glass always struck me for some reason. ” he says. “When you build a house, you always have the opportunity to tailor it, to make it yours. I’d always loved stained glass and I thought I could learn and make some for the house.”

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