On a Wednesday night in late July, a banker, a therapist, a chemist and a stay-at-home mom walk into a brewery.
What sounds like the start of a bad joke is actually the kickoff for a regular meeting of Michiana women gathering to celebrate a mutual passion: Their love for beer.
These four ladies and a few others who joined them are greeted at Cultivate Brewing in Berrien Springs by the lead brewer, Hannah Lee, who fits right into the clan of female beer connoisseurs.
The women swap stories about their days at work or funny things their children did since the last outing, and everyone takes turns describing which beer they ordered.
A few minutes with the members of the collective that calls itself Michiana Girls Pint Out shows that, other than their shared love for craft-brewed beers and their gender, the ladies don’t have much in common.
But, just as a wide variety of beers makes for the best beer flight, a diverse group of women makes for the most entertaining crowd.
Girls Pint Out draws females from a wide range of ages, career paths and interests — and for a variety of different reasons — creating the perfect blend of pilsners, IPAs, ales and lagers, so to speak.

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