Couples share the dynamics of marriage through the years


Marriage is a journey that everyone travels differently. Throughout the years, couples celebrate different types of joy and battle different types of struggle. However, no matter where the couple is on the long road of partnership, the one goal is to love one another. It may not be a swept-off-your-feet, happily-ever-after, over-the-hills and-into-the-sunset journey, but that’s the secret — it is a unique journey.


Rex and Linda Canfield

Rex and Linda Canfield of Buchanan, Michigan, married October 26, 1957.

“I fell in love with him when I was 13,” Linda said.

The teenager had just moved to Buchanan, and Rex’s father owned the Bakertown grocery store. Shortly after settling in, she walked down to the store and there he was.

“My knight in shining armor,” Linda. said “I know he noticed me.”

While attending Galien High School, Linda asked Rex to the Sock Hop dance. He had never dated, and she will never forget the look on his face.

At 18 and 19 years old, respectively, they decided to marry. When they were younger, it was the way of life — it was what people did. Many of their friends and family married at a young age. They mutually decided to tie the knot, and Rex remembers Linda saying, “Well, we might as well pick a date.”

They were the second couple to marry at the Trinity Lutheran Church in Berrien Springs, Michigan. Linda remembers crying as she walked into the church.

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