Perched on a stool, a cup of coffee on the high-top table in front of him, Jesse Hsieh starts most mornings watching small animals frolic around his expansive backyard.
The family physician is so close to the outdoors that he may as well be sitting on the back patio, but with the tall wall-to-wall windows that line the back half of the great room, he and his wife can enjoy nature with the added benefit of temperature control.
“We chose these windows because we wanted to bring the outside in,” says Hsieh’s wife, pediatrician Jill Norieul.
The room itself reflects the environment on the other side of the glass, with earthy tones from floor to ceiling.
For example, a shiny hardwood floor was made with old growth pine, a rare find.
“It’s actually a wood that comes out of New England pine trees that grew as tall as 200 feet, and they would make old factories out of them,” Jesse says. “You can’t get pine trees like them anymore because they don’t exist and they’ve all been taken down.”
Jesse points out the nail holes still ingrained in the wood from when it made up factory walls, which have all been demolished.

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