Most mornings, Corey Mann’s voice accompanies thousands of Michiana residents on their commute to work.
On the weekends, his Instagram feed fills with photos. Backstage shots with the members of Kiss, pictures of he and his son flanking “Star Wars” star Carrie Fisher or actress Rosario Dawson; flashback photos with Muhammad Ali, the Rock and countless other A-list celebrities are not uncommon.
For the last two years, though, Corey has spent most evenings under the dim light of a desk lamp, putting pen to paper, sketching out whatever came to mind that evening.
Pages upon pages are filled with comic book villains, superheroes saving the day, caricatures of rock stars and animated versions of popular movies and storybooks.
The vast majority of his drawings, though, featured a more tender, gentler character: a 9-year-old teddy bear named Stuffed.
This fall, people all over Michiana will get to follow Stuffed through the typical adventures of a third-grader, while watching Corey’s lifelong passion for illustration unfold right before their eyes.

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