Kayzie Weedman doesn’t set limits.

The Granger native many may know as Mrs. Indiana recently launched her own retail boutique at 7225 Heritage Square. Tempting as it may be to pigeonhole the pageant queen, Kayzie, who is named after a beloved aunt that passed away as a teen, exudes joie de vivre, which is the backbone of a fierce entrepreneurial spirit.

Kayzie’s Pink Pineapple Boutique is a manifestation of her joy for fashion and savvy for seeing projects through. The talented and warm 25-year-old is a finisher with zero time for doubt — even if that doubt comes from her husband.

“You’re never going to do it,” she recalls him say about joining friends in an Ironman race — her latest passion in a list of accolades that includes running a mentorship-centered nonprofit, participating in pageant life and working full-time in corporate communications. 

“If I say I’m going to do something, I follow through,” she says. “I like to relate it to Ironman training because you want to tell yourself that you can’t do it or it’s impossible, and I just kind of don’t limit myself. If something comes up and I want to do it, I’m going to make it happen, and that’s what I want to do here.”

Don’t get the wrong idea. Kayzie’s family, and her husband in particular, has her back.

“My husband was my number one supporter. He was the one who told me it’s time to go for it,” she says. “My family was also very supportive and helped me with the build out and painting the space. I’ve been very lucky to have such a great support system.”

The Pink Pineapple Boutique, like its alliterative name, is playful, welcoming and chic. The intimate space houses clothing and accessories for women from both local and national brands.  Pink walls pair with a vintage backdrop courtesy of the same palm tree wallpaper as the Beverly Hills Hotel to create a fun scene.

“The vibe of the store is very friendly,” Kayzie says, adding that she has seen people bond over trying on clothing. “People feel like they can try things on and not be judged and get other people’s opinions.”

Kayzie says the Pink Pineapple has something for everyone regardless of age or size. A six-foot-tall woman could be heard from the dressing room exclaiming, “Oh, my god! I’m obsessed!” after trying on a dress. Kayzie shared her shopper’s excitement.

“We’ve had every age. I had a lady come in that was 82, and she bought a sweater,” she says. “So we have something for everybody. That’s what a lot of people are coming in and saying. ‘Oh, I’m really surprised you have clothes for me at my age or my size.’ It’s been nice.”

After operating for only a few days, Kayzie, who hand picks everything herself, sold out of several items, which means she gets to look for new items for her shelves.

“I’m not going to order 500 of a dress style and then sell it to everybody,” she says. “I’m going to order 10, maybe 15, and then when it’s sold out, I’m ordering something new because I don’t want everyone to show up in the same dress to their party.”       

Whatever Kayzie is doing, it works. She flaunts her own sense of style: pink nails with a floppy black hat, retro rockstar-esque heeled booties and a vertically striped dress with Aztec yellow. If that were not enough, an animal print necklace dangles from her neck. Like the space itself, the look is pulled off seamlessly with daring panache at once posh and unchained.

Kayzie is about details, risks and pulling it all together. Her brainchild, the Pink Pineapple Boutique, is worth closer inspection.

Wes Jerdon/Westley Leon Studios