A few Michiana business owners saw it coming — their enterprising drive and vision, suddenly here today and gone
tomorrow. And driven right back the day after.
For the owners of Luxe Wagon, Grateful Green Food Truck and Boho Pretty Mobile Boutique, it is exactly what they had in mind when beginning their mobile truck businesses. From fashion to food, each vendor has varying mileage in their experience catering to the local community, but they all share the belief that the business-on-wheels excitement isn’t only for cities like Portland or San Francisco. They wanted it for Michiana, wanted it for themselves and decided to hit the ground rolling.
More mobile entrepreneurs are likely en route, too. In December 2015, the Common Council of South Bend unanimously passed an ordinance allowing food truck businesses in the city. Sure, there are a number of hoops to jump through that other businesses are exempt from (including a $525 truck-licensing fee), but that is to be expected.
Once deemed street-worthy though, mobile food vendors like Grateful Green will join the individual fashion fleets of Luxe and Boho, traveling wherever the road might take them — though probably not too far from the local, eager audience.
Whether they’re pulling up to your front door for a private event, or parking around the area’s pop-hopping hangouts, mobile vendors are increasingly offering Michiana a hip way to dine and shop. And it looks as if they’re here to stay. … Well, sort of.

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