Ron Butts has spent his entire life working with animals. The son of longtime Dowagiac veterinarian Frank Butts, the Dowagiac and Southwestern Michigan graduate found a part-time position at the shelter helping clean kennels shortly after receiving his degree from SMC in 1991 while looking for a job. Ron has now worked at the animal shelter for 28 years and became the director in 2017 when Mike Grice retired.

What is your favorite spot in Michiana?

I to go camping. I like traveling around to the different areas. I enjoy traveling around with family and friends.

How has moving to the Michiana region changed you?

You get to know a lot of people in the community and help them out when you can. Other community members help out as well.

What is your favorite season?

Springtime. The snow is gone and the fresh green grass is coming back again. Granted we are in the “Winter Wonderland” state, so there is something for you to do year-round, but spring is just a welcoming sight back to all the different areas that Michigan has to offer. Plus, I get to go camping again.

If someone were coming to Michiana for a day, where should they visit?

I would take them around and show them downtown Dowagiac. I would take them around to the different lakes. I would go for a good old country drive and show them the scenery.