If Anna Ryan Drew gets a good idea for a painting in the middle of the night, she springs out of bed, runs into her studio, hastily slams her hands against the wall to find the light switch, turns her music all the way up and starts in, a brush in each hand, spreading her feelings and emotions wildly across the canvas.
She does that because she’s an artist, and that’s what artists do, right?
Wrong. She doesn’t do that at all.
“This is not a Woody Allen movie,” Anna said. “I am not that person. If I’m asleep and I get an idea, I’ll go back to bed. Usually I don’t get ideas in the middle of the night, and if I do, I’ll go back to sleep and play it out in the morning. … I’m not a crazy person.”
In fact, those who know Anna would likely say she is one of the most down-to-earth artists you’ll ever meet, though you wouldn’t know it from her paintings.

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