Creation comes easy for Joe Hindley.
There is so much inspiration inside the Sawyer, Michigan-based artist’s head, that it seems there is always an idea waiting to be fleshed out.
Sometimes he will be working on one project only to see creative inspiration strike and throw him in a different direction.
The artist said it can be difficult on the business side of his art studio, but it never keeps him wanting for ideas.
“There is not enough time to do everything I want to do,” he says. “There are new ideas everyday.”
When Joe arrives at his Sawyer Street studio each morning, he often has a number of projects he is working on, ranging from paintings to sculptures to construction.
“I might come to the studio as an impressionist and by lunch time I’m a cubist. By the time I go home I am a Dadaist.”
Joe chalks it up to a bit of self-diagnosed attention deficit disorder, meaning some things hold his attention for long periods of time, while other things are difficult to stick with.
And if he runs into a roadblock on one project, he might move on to something else until a solution is found.
As for what types of projects he likes to work on, Joe’s work can be so varied as to defy categorization. He says he does not have a signature style and that much of his work is based on experimentation.
For instance, in his studio last month was a glittery painting of a cow. Leaning up against it was a portrait of the math genius Einstein. Beside it was a small sculpture of a dog. Nearby sat a guitar that was cut up and glued back together in the cubist style.
“It would be very difficult to say in a word what my art is like — I would suggest they go to my website,” he says, directing people to

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