For those who enjoy entertaining, a properly stocked bar is a must.
While it is a treat to go out to your favorite establishment or lounge, spending an evening in the comfort of your own home is the ultimate luxury — but only if you have properly prepared by creating a space which can welcome everyone from cocktail amateurs to party professionals.
By investing in basic bar tools and stocking up on a few key liquors and mixers, you are setting yourself up to be the ultimate host, which will make your house the new place to be on a Friday night … or even a Tuesday evening!

First things first, you need a place to set up a home bar.
The kitchen or the living room are two ideal rooms to set up a self-serve bar. There are a wide variety of new and vintage bars available, but you can transform any console table, sideboard, credenza or even a bookshelf into a bar by simply topping it with a tray filled with your liquor bottles.
The whole idea is to designate a space where you can set out bottles, mixers, glassware and a few garnishes.
If you can choose a piece of furniture with storage, that is even better. Drawers and cupboards help to store bar tools and extra accouterment.
Don’t forget to add a bit of lighting to the bar, whether you opt for a lamp or candles. Including a fun piece of artwork also adds a bit of whimsy. After all, a home bar is all about fun.
Set out a bowl of corks from favorite wines or vintage menus from iconic restaurants. These little pieces of memorabilia serve as excellent conversation starters.

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